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February 2021

Reset – Name Change

Today, we look at the Abrahamic covenant and learn specific lessons concerning our response to the New Covenant instituted by Jesus.

Reset – Valentine

In this episode Pastor Jared shares a late Valentine’s day message from Genesis 16. From this text, we learn 2 important facets of a right relationship with God that will effect every other area of your life.

Reset – The promises

Sometimes understanding the truth of God’s word requires Christians to look beyond the surface to the truth that lies under the surface. In this sermon, Pastor Jared works to uncover the truth behind God’s promises to Abram from Genesis 15.

January 2021

Reset – The battle

When the battle comes from the outside, it takes faith to stand firm. In this episode, Pastor Jared looks at the different aspects of faith necessary to be successful through the struggle.

Reset – Conflict

In this world, conflict will naturally arise; even in the church. But the way that Christians deal with that conflict may have eternal consequences.