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September 2020

Final Emphases

The Book of Revelation caps off the canon of Scripture and has major implications for the way Jesus’ followers are to live until He returns.

Faithful Endurance

Living the Christian life is not always easy. However, God has made it possible to endure through the struggle. Pastor Jared explores 3 things we must consider to endure.

August 2020

Jesus – High Priest

The Mosaic Law set up a system of priests who would intercede on behalf of the nation of Israel. However, when Jesus comes, He institutes a better priesthood that gives us hope for today and for the future.

Benefit of Following

We often here “how” we live as a result of following Jesus. But why? Today, Pastor Jared shows 3 benefits of faithfully following Jesus from Colossians 1:24-29.

Identity – The Church

If the church is going to be effective in carrying out its mission, it needs to be healthy and all parts need to do what they were created to do.