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April 2021

Promised Son – The Sacrifice

On this Easter Sunday, we look at Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac. As we do, we see the perfection of Jesus and His sacrifice.

March 2021

Promised Son – Two Covenants

In this sermon, we unpack the birth of Isaac, the long awaited son. It’s here that we find characteristics of God a picture of two covenants.

Promised Son – The Believer’s Sin

When a believer sins, they may not lose their salvation, but does that mean that there are no consequences at all? In this episode, we look at some of the repercussions of such sin.

Promised Son – Fork in the Road

Every person has to chose which path they will take. Today as we look at the narrative of Sodom and Gomorrah, we see the final result of these two paths.

Promised Son – Service

Service to God is an essential part of the Christian life. However, the motivation behind that service is equally as important. When we serve, we get to encounter the God of the universe.