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October 2020

Exiles Part 5 – Marriage

In this episode, Pastor Jared discusses the necessities and importance of God honoring marriage.

Exiles Part 4 – Government

In a world that looks increasingly foreign to many of us, how should we respond to government? How should we interact with our authorities? And what’s the point? Today we explore these questions and more.

Exiles Part 3 – Unity

We are not commanded to live this life on our own. Peter urges the Church to exhibit unity around the finished work of Jesus rather than trying to build around things of this world.

Exiles – Part 2

In part one of this “Exiles” series, Pastor Jared discussed God’s glory revealed in the salvation of man. In this second part, he goes on to explain that those who are saved must look different from the rest of the world.

September 2020

Exiles – part 1

In this introduction to the book of 1 Peter, we explore the glory of God on display in His chosen exiles.